Holbrook Law Obtains Policy Limits Six-Figure Settlement

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Our client was stopped at a red light when her vehicle was suddenly rear-ended, at full speed.  The other driver’s insurance company initially denied and disputed the case, relying upon the argument that our client’s vehicle only suffered minimal property damage.  Our client’s vehicle was equipped with a tow hitch and ball at the time of the collision.  Unfortunately for our client, the tow hitch absorbed the brunt of the impact instead of the impact absorbing crumple zones at the rear of the car.  This caused the forces of the impact to transfer directly into the frame of the vehicle, and then to the seats in the vehicle, where our client was seated at the time.  The result of such a collision involving a vehicle with a tow hitch, is much more force transferring to the occupants of the vehicle than if the impact were absorbed by the vehicle crumple zones.  As a result, our client suffered significant injuries, ultimately requiring three neck surgeries, including multiple level cervical fusions.  Through our investigation and efforts, Holbrook Law obtained a settlement consisting of all available insurance and in excess of six figures to assist our client in moving forward with her life.

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*Florida Bar required disclaimer: The amount shown is the amount of the gross settlement and is the amount before deduction of attorneys’ fees and expenses.  Most cases result in a lower recovery.  It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result.

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