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No matter how carefully a motorcyclist rides, riders are particularly more vulnerable to the mistakes, carelessness or recklessness of other drivers.  Despite this vulnerability, once they have been injured in auto or motorcycle wreck, bikers are often faced with a pre-disposed bias against them by many non-riders.  You will have to overcome this obstacle no matter whether you ride a sports bike, a tourer or a V-twin.  When they have been involved in an accident, riders of all types face pre-judgment from non-riders, just in different shades.  Your motorcycle accident attorney needs to have the knowledge and tools to combat the bias against them which is already present in many jurors.

Motorcyclists face additional obstacles once they have been involved in an accident.  Florida’s No-Fault Personal Injury Insurance for example, does not apply to motorcyclists.  When an automobile driver is involved in an accident, this insurance will generally provide up to $10,000 in benefits to pay for medical treatment and / or lost wages.  These benefits are not available to motorcyclists, which makes life that much more difficult in the wake of a serious accident.

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