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Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), sometimes called closed head injuries, come in many forms.  A traumatic brain injury occurs when trauma to the head results in internal brain damage.  The level of damage to the brain may vary significantly, from very mild to very severe.  A concussion, for example, is a mild traumatic brain injury which may have no lasting effects.  On the other hand, a coma may be caused by severe traumatic brain injury.  It is important to know, however, that even injuries classified as mild concussions may have lasting impact on you or your loved one over time.

Incapacitating TBIs are often obvious and leave no question that a brain injury has occurred.  When a loved one has suffered a severe TBI, it is important that your attorney understands TBIs and their effects, as well as the medical care and attention they require.  If your loved one’s attorney is not aware of the many issues involved with TBIs, your loved one’s full needs may not be accounted for in any settlement.  This could have drastic consequences for your loved one and their family and caregivers in the future.

When you or a loved one has suffered a mild or moderate TBI, it may be even more important to ensure the condition is fully explored and diagnosed.  The actual consequences and impairments of such injuries may not initially be fully apparent.  When such impairments are not readily identified, they may not be accounted for in any pre-trial resolution or settlement of a case.

Brain injury can have a severe impact on family, work and social interaction.  Neuro-psychiatric and neuro-psychological issues often rise to the forefront of cases involving brain injuries.  Lawsuits involving TBIs can also be much more complicated than other types of personal injury lawsuits.  They often involve complicated medical tests, a multitude of experts and complex evidentiary issues.  Your lawyers also need to understand and be familiar with these issues in order to be able to effectively present the information to a jury.

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